Friday, April 4, 2014

Lets get up to date.

Me on  May 7, 2013 waiting for the anesthesiologist to go into surgery.
Me on January 16, 2014 (8 1/2 months later)...
...Needless to say, I didn't have the surgery.
Yes, the pregnancy was a huge surprise, but we're beyond happy, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Quick delivery story:
My due date was January 12th, I was induced at 5:30 am on the 16th and had him at 10:12 am. Since things moved so quickly, I again didn't have an epidural, not because I didn't want one, but because by the time I asked for one, it was too late. I was planning on my mother and two of my sisters being there for the delivery, but that didn't happen. He came out perfect! The cord was wrapped around his neck, but he was crying and breathing just fine. He was a little pale, but pinked right up pretty quick. I can't begin to express my gratitude for having another healthy, happy, and strong baby. He's perfect and I love him beyond words. Before he made his debut, I was kind of worried of how I could love more then I love KenLea, but your heart grows twice the size, and that love is just as amazing and equal.

Things he's done:
  • Gained weight by his first appointment, which is rare.
  • He's a strong baby; wasn't much of a floppy head baby.
  • Grew out of new born clothes by 1 1/2 weeks.
  • Circumcised at two weeks, which wasn't as bad as I thought, even though I sat in the waiting room and cried during it.
  • Loves baths.
  • Most wide eyed baby I've ever seen. When he's awake he constantly looks like this

  • Oh, and by 3 weeks, he looked like a little old bald man.
  • At two weeks he weighed 8lb 11oz (birth weight 7lb 14oz)
  • He nurses great, thank goodness. Not joking, he came out looking for milk, and nursed for two hours right when they handed to me.
  • Doesn't puke, but gets pretty bad tummy aches.
  • At 6 weeks, he's fitting pretty good into his 3 month clothing.
  • Likes to be sung to.
  • Wants to stand.
  • Loves his dad.
  • At 8 1/2 weeks he rolled for the first time from belly to back.
  • At 9 weeks he moved into size 2 diapers.
  • Braidon blessed him on March 30th (10 /2 weeks)

  • His eye color is a big question mark right now; being brown in the center and blue on the outer.
  • His hair seems to be coming in pretty quick, since it all fell out. It's looking like it might be a medium brown color.
He really is just a happy and sweet baby, and we all love him soooo much! 

As for our sweet KenLea, she has adjusted pretty well. She loves Heber a little to much (haha), not really, we're so glad she loves him so much. She likes to give him lots of hugs and kisses.
KenLea as of late: 
  • A couple weeks before Heber was born, she potty trained herself at night, once he was born, she went back to needing pull ups at night. We're working on it, but don't really know what to do? (Help!)
  • She loves to play outside in the dirt.
  • She still is the best eater. If you ask her what her favorite food is, she'll say carrots or tomatoes.
  • She is so stinkin funny and says the wittiest things.
  • She loves church!
  • She loves other kids, and sometimes scares them with how outgoing she is.
  • Miss Independent is her name.
  • Wears size 8-9 shoes and 3T-4T clothes.
  • She can run for over a mile, not joking. 
  • She's smart, but physically amazing. She's so strong and has zero fear.
  • She loves to read, and is trying now to read along with me.
  • Is on the go from the minute her head pops off the pillow in the morning, till it hits it at night.
I could go on and on about things she's done, but we'd be here all day. But, she really is just the sweetest, and is so sensitive and tender. I don't know what I'd do without her. She is the biggest help and the best big sister. 
I'm so grateful and blessed to have these two sweet babes in my life. They teach me so much everyday, and I love them more then words can express.