Friday, January 27, 2012

My Must Haves

I find that everybody has their "must haves," in their lives, including me. There are the obvious things; toilet paper, clothes to cover your nakedness, etc. But, everybody has their individual "must haves." These things aren't necisarily things you cann't "live" without, but things you'd rather not have to go without because, well You love like them. (I LOVE my God and my family, I LIKE stuff. This was taught to me by my sweet Grandpa. About two years ago, my grandpa, mother, and I were sitting around a table discussing idea's about what to do with some property my grandpa owned. My mom had made a suggestion, and my grandpa replied, "Oh I love that idea." Then quickly looked up at us and humbly said, "No, I like that idea, I love my wife." I'll never forget that sweet moment. It's one of those many cherished lessons I've learned from him.)

Back to these "must haves," or should we call them "must wants," because that's really what they are. I, myself have a few, or many, either way I have some. Here are a few of my "Must Wants."

1. A camera. I assume this is everybodies, well especially for Moms anyways. Not, just a disposable camera, those suck! I started out with a little digital Canon, with 5.0 megapixels. It was ok, but my "must have" is my more recent Canon Powershot SD1300 IS, 12.1 megapixels. It's awesome! It takes fantastic pictures. Infact I get alot of, "Wow, that picture was taken with that!" It is something I take with me everywhere. It's small, easy to slip into your purse, and super easy to use! It's my deffinate must have to capture all those life moments.

2. The "Father of The Bride" collection. They just make me happy! I totally recommend seeing them if you haven't! Steve Martin reminds me alot of my dad in these movies. So funny!
3. Maskara and Concealer, for those lazy days. Which are about 80 percent of mine.

4. Petunia Pickle Bottoms "Sashay Satchel." They run around $119.00, but are totally worth it! They are a diaper bag and backpack all in one. Having backpack straps is a definate "Must Have" with a baby. Infact if mine got stollen, ruined, or something, and I couldn't fork out that kind of money, I would buy a backpack. It's way too hard to carry a car seat, baby, and purse, plus a diaper bag. You just throw it on your back and wa-la, you've got two arms!

5. These (mine are not Uggs btw, they are Airwalk from Payless. Ugg's are amazingly comfortable though, just not quite in my budget, if ya know what I mean.)
...they go with almost everything.
7. My downeast black dress. I love, love, Love basics. Things I can wear a million different ways are my definate favorite.

 These are just a few of mine. What are yours?

And just because she makes everything a million times better! ...and this reminds me of Olive-Oil in Pop-Eye. ha

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The downside... being a mom, is having to watch your baby go through pain, and not being able to do much about it. That has been our weekend, and will linger for the next few days. Baby girl pulled one of our bar stools on top of her. The heavy wood hit her right in the mouth. She began bleeding everywhere. There was so much blood. I couldn't look in her mouth to see the damage, because it was full of blood. My poor baby girl was crying so hard. She was standing right next to me when it happened. I literally turned around for one second to set my camera down on the counter, and within that split second she grabbed to stool and pulled it right on top of her. After a good long half hour or so of crying and much bleeding, we were able to get some tylenol in her. Her top lip was so swollen, but she didn't want us trying to put ice on it. So my mom got a pop-cicle, and she sucked on that a little bit. While sucking on the pop-cicle, all of a sudden, she spit out her front tooth, root and all. I quickly grabbed it and called the pediatric dentist. Sadly, childrens teeth are un-savable, due to some long medical term where it will connect to the bone and make problems for the permenant tooth. So, we just have to let it be, meaning she is toothless till about 6 plus years old, when her permanent tooth comes in. Hopefully it will come in soon, like her baby teeth did.
Right before the fall.

A few days have passed now, and her poor little mouth is so sore. It looks aweful! Her gums are just torn up, and black and blue. She loves to chew on everything, and now when she tries to put things in her mouth, if she bites down on it the wrong way it hurts her. It makes my heart ache for her. She is such a strong little baby. When it happened and she was crying so hard, it was like she'd try to "man-up" and stop crying for a second, but then just couldn't because it hurt her so bad. She's amazing! 
I'm going to miss that cute little smile. She had the cutest little gap between her two front teeth. (Which, Braidon reminded me that she still has a gap, it's just now a bit bigger.) She still is the cutest little girl I ever saw, but as a mom you still feel bad. I feel sad that she had and has to go through pain, and have a missing front tooth for a few years. It was one of those things I really couldn't have done anything about. It happened so quick. Things like this happen, but I still give myself a hard time, like I should've stopped it somehow.
Becoming a Mom brings you closer to God. It helps you begin to understand his overwhelming love he has for us. I love KenLea more than I could ever begin to explain. It's an amazing feeling. I want so badly for everything to go perfect for her, but I know it wont. I can only pray and try my hardest to give her a good foundation. Teach her to be possitive and righteous. I look at this tragic event and try to look at it in a better light. We are so blessed that it was just a tooth, and not her nose, where we would've had to go do surgery. So, it always could've been worse. I have some amazing friends who have had to put their little ones through surgery, and I just think "Wow, You are amazing. Your little one is Amazing!" What a stress on the heart to watch your sweet child go through pain. I've had only a couple dramatic instances, where in these other mothers have had countless.
KenLea has taught me so much. She's only 9 months old, but is so wise. She gives theee BeST hugs! No, joke! She puts her arms around you and squeezes in and out super tight. In fact anybody who has gotten a hug from her, freaks out, says "Oh my goodness, She gives the best hugs!" and wants another one. Ha
Within an hour after her tragic event she was ready to move on; play, laugh, climb, etc...I'm the one who cant seem to move on. I'm a worrier, a deep thinker, a stay up all night because my brain wont shut upper. I really need to just calm down and not stress. I swear I'm gonna look 50 when I'm 30, because I stress way too much!
Needless to say, I have an A-mazing daughter, who I literally kiss all day. My dad thinks it is so funny, because I just kiss her randomly about every few seconds. I am so excited for my friends who are almost to their due dates. They are going to be amazing moms! I'm so lucky to have friends who know that we are here on this earth to be mothers. Being a mother is something I wish for every woman. And if you can't, then addopt. And if you don't marry, then get into primary! Because there is nothing more closer and dearer to God then our sweet children.
New Years Eve

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wishing I Hadn't

After reading my good friend Elyse's post, (If you dont follow her blog, I totally recommend it! She may very well be famous one day for her amazing writing/entertaining skills.) I was trying to think of any big embaressing moments in my life, and honestly I really can't think of a big one, or I just repressed the memory. Rather, I just have a bunch of small little uncomfortable or regretful moments. I'm the type who can be sitting in a crowd of millions, and be beyond embarressed, like painfully, red in the face embaressed, for that tone-deaf, awkward, not funny, person on stage. So, even the littlest things embaress me. Things most people probably don't even get slightly embaressed about, I get overly mortified.

For instance, yesterday my husband came across my middle school year book. Ahh!, never did I want him to see that! We went to the same school, so it wasn't my picture I was so humiliated about, rather ...
...the stupid little outlining of harts around a million different boys' pictures. I wasn't "in love" with any of them, so I don't know why I did it, I was an ar-tard?! I tried saying, "I just put that around all of my friends." Which he quickly pointed out that the harts were only around certain boys, while my girl friends and other boys only got stars. Ugh. Couldn't really try to dig myself out of that one. So...change the subject. Oh, did I mention, my husband only got stars. There is a good reason behind that though, which I'll save for another day.

Oh yes, another fine moment. One day in frist grade, we had an essembly, and our teacher told us if we had to go to the bathroom during the essembly, she wouldn't let us go. Well of course, right in the middle of it, I had to pee, Bad! Too scared to ask my teacher, I wet my pants. So, I blamed it on a "puddle" on the floor.

Aren't there so many dumb little things you did growing up, that you wish you hadn't. Like; my mom bought me a beautiful, really nice Senior Homecoming dress, for the dance. And for pictures, we posed as picking our noses and smelling our arm pits. "Really?! Mom just spent alot on a dress, and you choose to pose like a dweeb!"

Hmm, what else?...Oh, not knowing that getting pregnant had nothing to do with your belly button till my health class, my sophmore year, in high school. I may have been a little sheltered. It's not that my parents wouldn't answer my questions if I had any, I just never asked. Didn't really think about it I suppose.

I still get embaressed infront of Braidon, after being married for a couple years, so of course this happened before we were even engaged. I was sitting on his lap and tooted! Ok, "toot" is really too polite of a term to use for what it really was. (No, I didn't "shart," just a loud stinky one is what I mean.) We all fart, so why is it so awefully embaressing? (Oh, and I've never "sharted" in my life, which my husbands family think is hilariously strange.?)

This one happened when I was like three, and I still remember it to this day. We were on our way into Cedar and both Kristen and I despretly needed to use the bathroom, so our dad pulled off to the rest stop. He took us up to the door of the womens, where we insisted that was the mens room. My dad tried to convince us, that it was for sure the ladies, but we marched into the mens restroom anyways. Sure enough there were some lovely men truckers in there.

I also went through a stage of refusing to smile in pictures. Apparently I thought the "old lady forgot to put her dentures in look" was the way to go.

And why did I ever part my hair in the middle? I looked like an indian Boy!

Or, the first and only product I used when starting to wear make up, was this ugly dark, maroon-brown lipstick. Needless to say, I looked NOT so good. (7th grade)

Even more embaressing than the lip stick rediculousness, I refused to wear a bra. I was beyond embaressed to even go in the section of underwear. Finally, the summer after my 6th grade year, my mom baught us some bra's and made us wear them. So basically I went two years of school in where I really did need one, and refused to wear one. I really don't want to think about what I looked like.

Maybe one of my not so proudest memoires was when I randomly decided to go try out for the school play, for kicks and giggles, and then getting one of the biggest roles (Rizzo in Grease). Mind you, I've had zero experience singing solo's in public, playing cello; yes, singing; not so much. (I know, I know, I have no idea how to punctuate.) I'll just say, it wasn't the best performance I've done.

And for some reason, I always take home the trophy of "Ugliest in The Picture." I don't have bad self esteem, but I am not photogenic at all! And, yes I do realize the point was to make funny faces, but mine is well, just ugly!

I could go on and on about things I did that were regretfully embaressing, but sadly I'm sure I'll continue to have these moments/stages through the entirety of my life. On a happy note though, I feel like I've grown out of my "ugly-duckling" stage, into a descent woman. I'm in better shape than I was before my pregnancy, due to the "kick-my-trash," "whipe me all over the floor," work out routine I'm doing. My awesome cousin is whippin my butt back into gear. Bikini body here I come! Ok, I don't think I'll ever wear a bikini again, I've become a "Molly Mormon" if you will. I just think this world is getting more and more harder to stay true to righteousness in, so why make it harder, or make my daughter think immodesty is ok. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think I'll ever look back when I'm old and wish I had worn a bikini. Rather, I would probably wish I hadn't and had set a good example for my little girl.

Wishing you all a good weekend! Loves!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This may be one of the best discoveries I've yet to find. "Extra Protection" Pampers diapers (no, not for me!) I consider myself rather blessed to have a baby who has, from the beginning, been an awesome sleeper through the night. With this comes one problem; wet, soggy, leaking diapers when she wakes. In the recent weeks, she was filling her diaper so full through the night, she'd wake up soaked in pee. Not, fun! I told my mom of my problem and she got me some of these "Extra Protection" diapers. And they worked! No more waking up to pee soaked pajamas! I totally suggest them!