Monday, April 16, 2012

News Room

 Craziness! This month so far has been full of so many things; decisions to make, places to be, things to buy, etc. KenLea had her 1 year old appointment at the first of the month. She's doing awesome of course. - We're gradually introducing her to Cows milk, mmmm. She's getting so big, so fast! - She is a mimicker! She repeats everything we say. She says full on sentences, it's pretty funny. Of course they are a little mummble-jummble sounding, but she's trying. She'll say "all gone," "throw it away," "here you go," and a bunch more. She'll point to my eye and say "eye." She's learning body parts. - Sometimes she comes to primary with me, and she loves to stand on my lap and conduct while the kids sing. She's so funny. - She points at everything! - She's been a bit of a cranky bum lately. She's had a cold, and is getting in those darn molars, still! Ugh! - She is wearing 12-18 month size clothing, and starting to fit into size 4 shoes. - She can get up onto anything! She likes to climb up into the couch, go over to the side table, and throw all the magazines onto the floor. - She likes to make herself dizzy, she'll spin in circles and then try to walk, and just laughs at herself, we get a good kick out of it too. She has such a sense of humor. - Her hair is Out of Control! It is a curly mess on top of her head, but I love it! - She really isn't lovin the baby food much anymore, and isn't a big meat eater either. - She loves commercials. We'll be watching a show, and she'll be sitting there playing with her toys, and once the commercials come on she stops and watches, and as soon as they're done she starts playing with her toys again. It's super funny. - She still hates the words "no" or "stop it." She is very compliant, but lets us know she isn't happy about it. Which is fine with me. She's such a good baby. - She loves to help me do laundry. She'll pull clothes out of the washer, and hand them to me, to put into the dryer.
We just love her to pieces! She is so much fun, and I don't know what I'd do without her. She really makes me laugh and smile all day. She is the cuddliest baby, which is the Best! I love her cute little chubby hands and thighs, they're starting to thin out though, and it's making me a bit sad. But, she's turning into such a sweet, smart, wonderful little girl.

More craziness. We are moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the summer. We leave May 5th, and come back mid-August. Won't lie, I'm rather nervous. I get homesick really easy, but I'll have my sweet little baby with me, my husband, and other friends and family out there with me. Braidon's brother, sister, and two best friends are coming, so they'll be people there with us. Grand Rapids is really beautiful, at least in pictures. haha And it stays anywhere from 70-75 degrees, which is bliss! It is only 4 hours away from my Grandma's house, and like 2 hours from my cousin. I'm super excited to be able to be so close to my grandma and be able to see her often this summer. Yah! We are driving out there. I don't want to be there without a car, and for all goodness, it's a 28 hour drive!
Ahh! Pray for us please! A 28 hour drive with a one year old should be awesome fun! But, this will be an exciting adventure. I've always wanted to experience somewhere else, but not move away for a long period of time, so this is perfect.
We also had baby kittens born this Saturday, six of them! They are so cute! I love baby anything! We had to pull a "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" on one of the little guys. We thought for sure it was dead, we wrapped it in a warm cloth and rubbed it, trying to stimulate it. It could barely move and was so cold. But, as of today it is doing wonderfully!
All dark and one random white one.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week. We'll be having a crazy busy one! Loves!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Birthday Girl

KenLea turned 1 years old last monday, on the 26th, and this Sunday we celebrated!
We kicked it off with a wonderful breakfast, pancakes and bacon! We were expecting the rest of the guest to arrive at noon. From Braidon's side; his parents, brother Tyler, sister Shea, and best friend Travis came. My parents were of course there, along with; my sister Kristen and Wade-O, sister Megan and kiddos, best friend Hilary and her parents. So we ate lunch, and of course my mother prepared a lavish lunch; barbequed chicken, potatoe salad, pasta salad, frog-eye salad, salad, and rolls. My mom is the best! She is always so willing to jump in and help. She really did everything! Yes, I have the best Mom!
After lunch, my dad had hidden 80+ easter eggs around the yard, so we went on a hunt. It was a hoot! I love my nephews and niece, they are so fun. We were pushin and shovin eachother. My twin and niece got the most eggs out of everybody, I only got eleven. :( haha
Then for the cake! We got KenLea in her chair, all gathered around and...
It was so wonderful! KenLea is so funny! She is just the best thing ever!
KenLea then opened her presents, well more like I did. She was getting distracted by all her new toys. She got a awesome push car from Braidon's family. She looooves it! My parents got her a miniture blow up ball house, which I'm waiting to get out till we have KenLea's room all done. My twin got her balls, which she is enjoying as of this very moment. The Stavros' got her a adorable book. And, my sister Meg got her the most darling clothes! So so so Cute! And of course Braidon and I got her a bunch of stuff too. Needless to say, she's a bit spoiled.
It was such a wonderful weekend. KenLea definately enjoyed it! She loves her cousins! I think she gave them all about a million hugs. They are so great with her! I'm so glad they were able to make the long trip.
I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I have the most beautiful sisters! And wonderful parents, and parents in law. Everything just turned out beautifully.