Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes! I'm still alive.

Annoying Suh-low! internet! Ohh bugs me...thus the very long time between posts. I seriously have written this post like a million times. Urg! Well lets play a little catch up!
I'll try to make it short.
As of right now, KenLea is almost 8 months old, she'll be 8 months on the 26th. Ahh!
But, lets start with the month of October:
  • Tex turned 2! He's finally growing out of the digging up and hauling anything we touch back up onto the lawn stage. Yah for that! He seriously is the most beautiful Golden Retriever ever! Weird comment I know, but I saw this golden retriever the other day and not so good lookin. Any who...
  • My Grandma and her sister came to visit all the way from Illinois and Ohio. It was so so So wonderful! I'm so glad she was able to come! I wish we didn't live so far away from eachother.
  • KenLea went on her first hike ever, in Zion! She was a pretty good sport. We had to take a little short eating break, but besides that she was golden!

  •  She got her first little cold. Poor runny, red, sore nose for two weeks. No fun!
  • She crawls up the stairs. She started doing this bout first of Octoberish.
  • She started standing up in the middle of the room with zero assistance at about 6 months 3 weeks old.
See the little red "stache" she's got goin? That's from all the nose wiping. Sore little red nose. :(
  • She tries to climb on everything!
(*Whenever the word "she" is used, I'm referring to KenLea of course. ha :)
  • Braidon and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! He brought me home roses! Ahh!
  • Yes, I did get dressed up for halloween, just cuz for Bunko we had to. This means I ramsacked Braidon's clothes. Imagine; beer belly, majority of my hair pulled up into a baseball cap, and putting the rest into a little ucky low mullet ponytail. A western button up shirt with chest hair sticking out, and facial hair made out of eyeshadow. I was hu-hu-hottt!
  • I couldn't bring myself to spend the time or the money on a fancy halloween costume for KenLea, so I got one of her white onsies and put a pumpkin on it and made a matching headband.
Gettin ready to stand up
  • Our little family took a trip up north to visit my sister Megan and the fam. It was a trip full of football. KenLea got to watch two of her cousins' games, and go to the Utes blackout game! Oh yah! So fun!

  • KenLea wears 9 months and 12 months clothing.
  • She eats the little puff crackers.
  • She's startin to understand what "no" means. Ha And she don't like it!
We just love our little sweetheart more and more everyday! She brightens up our lives! I don't know what I'd do without her. Her personality is just shinnin through more and more everyday. She's a little chatter box and we love it. I love bein a Mom!