Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Everything!

This little girl is our everything! Our world revolves around her, and we love it! Our good friend Kindal took these pictures of her when she was just a week 'n a day old. It was funny cuz she was super tired the whole time so it was hard to get any good pictures of her big eyes, but oh well, so cute anyways! I apologize for sooo many pictures but I couldn't narrow it down, so. :) ha

This is one of my favorite faces. She's so funny when she sleeps.
I love her little fingers wrapped around mine.
The feeling of being a mother can be overwhelming. But, it is so wonderful! Being the person she relies on is so humbling.

Braidon got me these boots for our anniversary, back in october. It was our first baby item.Love em!
She brings such a sweet spirit in the home.
I could kiss her all day!
She kept squinting her one eye, so funny!
She wasn't bein very cooperative, thus the binky.

She is now 4 wks, 2 days, and she's gettin so big! She eats like none other.
All I can say is; I love her beyond words! WE love her beyond words! She's growin so fast we can't believe it. She already rolled over. And she coo's and makes the cutest noises. I think she's gonna be a quick learner. She's a bundle of fun, joy!

Other news in our world: Braidon got a job, it kinda sucks cuz he has to leave at 5:30 am, so he goes to bed super early, and he gets home in the late evening. But, he only works monday through thursday which is super nice. I shouldn't complain, we are super blessed that he has a job in this economy. Heavenly Father loves us so much.

I now pee a little if I cough hard, but Im workin on it. Ha And I get to start workin out again in two weeks, which I am Dying to do! Im determined to get back in shape! So if anyone has any tips feel free to share. I basically feed her, pump, try to clean, attempt to sleep, and watch "Friends" all day long, everyday.

Life is good, I can't complain. We have the sweetest little girl, wonderful family and friends, and the Gospel, man I sure am blessed!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No more wrinkly hands.

It's been 2 n 1/2 weeks since this little munchkin has entered our lives, and to put it bluntly, She runs the show! ha But in all seriousness, she has been a wonderful baby. Im finally adjusting to this zero sleep thing. You really have no idea how hard it is till you have a baby yourself. I knew it would be lots of work, but i didn't realize all the little things. It's amazing tho, so so so worth it! There's no other greater work i'd rather be doing! She's already getting bigger, which is sad but so much fun at the same time. She no longer has the little wrinkly hands anymore. :(

My house is beyond messy, my laundry is so behind! Ugh, so i just chill in the living room where i keep it pretty picked up, so i don't loose my mind seeing the huge mess of dirty clothes that need to be done. The only laundry i seem to get done is hers. Seeing that she goes through a couple outfits a day, due to her leaking out of the corner of her mouth as she eats. ha We love her! She's a daddys girl already! Its so cute. She's got him wrapped around her finger. And funny thing, I use to always say i'd never walk around in just my garments, turns out i lied. No, i'll get back to wearing pjs hopefully soon, it's just super hard when you're nursing, well it is for me anyways. Well...thats just a small update, don't have much's a couple pics of this little sweetheart.

She has the longest feet! Think she's gonna be taller than me.

Loves her Dad.

She keeps us laughin.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Well its been an eventful past 9 months from craving pickles, too having to get back up to pee after only peeing literally 5 seconds ago. My due date was March 25th, but everyone kept telling me I'd come early, so I tried hard not to get to anxious and just planed on coming late, but I couldn't help it. By the time March 25th rolled around I was miserable, I couldn't sleep, sit, or do anything comfortably. So, that night we went out for pizza, pepperoni. I dont know if that did anything, but at midnight I started having contractions. Although I didn't know thats what they were at the time. My back was killing me, and I had an extremely bad stomach ache. It was so speratic I thought, "No, this can't be contractions." I didn't sleep all night. The next morning (Saturday, March 26th) I went over too my parents and my mom started timing, and sure enough they were ten minutes apart. They told us not to come in till they were like 4 minutes apart. Well withhin 5 minutes I went from 6 minutes too 2 minutes apart! We rushed out the door for our 25 minute drive to the hospital, and got there around 3. I was dying! Never had so much painn in my life! We finally get there and I'm crying and had to stop in the middle of the parking lot to bend over and hold a scream in, luckily nobody saw. They put me in the room and checked me right away, and I was dialated to an 8. Now, back up, on our way into town I was telling Braidon that people who go natural are crazy! And that I was definately getting an epidural. And What! They tell me its to late for that! Ahh! I was scared out of my mind! I had to go natural! And when I say natural, I mean completely! No drugs, nada! After an hour and half of pushing our sweet little girl arrived at 6:14 pm. KenLea Kathleen Davis, 7lbs 8 oz, 19 in. What an amazing experience! Id go through the screaming and unexplainable pain a million times over again for her! Braidon was so amazing the whole time I love him so much! We are so beyond blessed and Sooo in Love!

Yep, she has light hair!

First day home. We only stayed one night at the hospital. The first couple nights we stayed at my parents cuz my mom took work off to help us get sleep.

I love the faces she makes when she's sleeping.

She's got the biggest eyes!

In total Love! I cant get enough of her!