Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Squeezin in a quickie (St-ahp iiit!), as in finding a minute to post a blog. Life has just been so crazy busy, there just hasn't been time.
Well, we only have two n' half weeks left here in Michigan! Yah! Can you tell I'm totally, out of my mind excited?! Well I am. I shouldn't be so negative, really there has been some things that I've got to do here that I wouldn't want any different, so I'm so glad we got to come as well. I've gotten to see my Grandparents twice and hopefully one more time before we head home. Which is a wonderful blessing! We live so far away, and being so close this summer has been absolutely wonderful! In fact, this past weekend KenLea and I got to make our second trip to go see them. It was too short, but lots of fun.
When we got there, my Grandma had a little pool all set up for KenLea to take a little swim in. Which she thought was heaven, especially since it was hot enough to back cookies outside.
 We went to breakfast at The Cracker Barrel, and of course did a little porch rockin' while there.
 And we also made a trip to the park, which is always a good time!
It was such a great little trip, and I'm so glad we got to go!
As for everything else out here, it's been going good. Our little apartment never seems to stay picked up for very long, especially with this little cutie walkin right behind ya pullin everything right back out, right after you put it away. She is growing up! It's crazy how quick they learn. She is a talker! Some of her favorites are "no," of course, "yes," "all done," "duck," "bye," "hi," "tiger," "kuh-kee," meaning "yuhkee," and everything else we say.  And a dancer/singer. You put music on, and she can't help herself from startin to dance. It's so funny, it's like it's automatic. She mimics everything! Everything! She still loves to read, and still isn't interested in TV, unless it's a commercial or a home video of us. ha She is getting better at feeding herself, meaning that now most of the food ends up in her mouth rather than everywhere else. She blows kisses and says "bye" in the cutest little voice. She manages to get soap in her eyes ever time she takes a bath now, which makes life pleasant.She likes to wear my heels around the apartment. She fits too well into 18 month clothes, and is wearing her 24 month stuff as well. She likes brushing her teeth, until I try brushing her upper molars, then it turns into a nightmare. She is the best fake cryer, tears and everything. I try my best not to laugh. She likes to help do the dishes, which really means; take everything out right after I put it in. Ugh. ha
She really is unbelievable. We love her so much. As i sit and look at her, and think about how blessed I am to have her in my life, I can't begin to explain the love that swells within my chest. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. The knowledge I have of eternal families. I know I say this every blog, but I really am so grateful for the gospel and my testimony.
Also, happy 24th of July to all my Utah family and friends! Isn't it amazing what the Pioneers went through for us. They were amazing, and had such strength and their lives are such a testament.
Love you all and can't wait to see many of you in a few weeks! Muah!