Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello the end of year 2012! Would someone like to tell me how this happened. I can't believe it. I think this every year, but Christmas seriously flew by. . .

Christmas eve we went to a happenin party. There we got to sit on Santa's lap. When he asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted my house to stay clean for longer than a day,.. hasn't happened.

KenLea's expressions when
Santa came in were
 so funny.
They went
from this

To this ------>
To, "What is he doing here!?"
Also, Tyler, Braidon's brother, proposed to his bride-to-be that night as well.
I love Tylers smile. True happiness right there. They really are so cute, cliché I know, but he treats her like gold.
 We also attempted to get a picture of our little family...
turned out well don't you think??!
Christmas morning was of course a big hit. KenLea was spoiled just a wee bit, but what can ya do?
Having a cookie before heading over to Nana and Papa's for presents. Hey, it's Christmas.

KenLea's expression when she saw the gifts and we said to her "what do ya think?"
KenLea unwrapping a gift...
and of course some of the paper has to end up in her mouth.
It really was a wonderful Christmas. A little stressful, which it shouldn't be, but I'm a worry wart, so...but, we got to see both Braidon's and my family, which is always such a blessing.
Things to look forward to:
-KenLea continuing to get funnier, and funnier. She seriously is such a crack up. Kills me!
-KenLea going into her "terrible two's," which by the way, has already begun. She's to that stage where she is big enough to wiggle her way out of my arms if I don't have a good grip on her. Like today, when we were shopping, she wanted to get down and walk, and I wouldn't let her, because she's a little terrorist, so she cries and goes limp, and then wiggles like worm onto the floor. . .
I still love her.
-My sister Allie having her baby. Sadly she lives across the country. Booo!
-My sister Kristen finding out if she's having a boy or girl.?????
-KenLea surpassing me in everything.
-And who knows what else.

 Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and are going to have a fantastic New Years. Cheers!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That post that is forever long, and has lots of pictures.

Okay, did Thanksgiving even happen this year? It seems like I blinked and missed it. Time has just been slipping through my fingers, I feel like. But little update on the past few weeks.
-Thanksgiving was wonderful! I got to enjoy having it with my parents, grandparents, and two of my beautiful sisters, and skyping with my other sister, who is due any day now, and my grandparents. I miss them so much!!! But, hopefully I'll get to see them soon.
But, Thanksgiving really was so fabulous! Much yummy food was enjoyed, and we even did some work.

-Also, Braidon decided to do his hair like Dwight off of the office. Makes for great pictures!

-Much family time! Which we love around here! 

As for December, it is flying by and I am not even close to being ready for Christmas day! Probably should get on that.
Things that have happened in this beautiful month are:
-Eating and breaking a LOT of candy canes off of Grandma and Grandpa Davis' tree.

-Climbing ladders and the outside of stair cases.

The towel doesn't even phase her anymore.
-Ward Christmas Parties, where KenLea got to see Santa and sit on his lap. She did much better then I thought she would. I was thinking she would scream, but she didn't. She was apprehensive though. It was kind of funny.

Special occasions call for special hairdos. 

-Lot's of funny hair do's, because her hair is getting so long, and is just un-tamable.

-Being forced to go to nursery, and not liking it.

-Nana accidently teaching KenLea a swear word. hahaha Thankfully KenLea hasn't repeated it since.

-New favorite show is "Last Man Standing." It's Tim Allen's new show, and its great! I love being able to watch a show, knowing that nothing bad or questionable is going to pop up. It's great, and Tim is totally conservative, which even makes it better. Ha

-KenLea is requesting to use the toilet more often. I'm not pushing any potty training on her, I'm just letting her do what she wants.

-Bundling up for the cold weather, meaning lot's of cute sweaters.

-Also, I don't know how KenLea learns these things, but she is very musically inclined, and can dance like there is no tomorrow. She understands "beats," because she dances to it, and when she pretends to lead the music, if she gets off, she gets right back on with the beat.
-KenLea really is amazing to me. Children are amazing to me. What a testament of God! I've never doubted my testimony in God, but KenLea really is proof. She is the sweetest little girl. Yes, she has her moments, but they are few. She gives the best kisses, and if I am ever crying, she comes right up to me, puts her arms around me, gives me a gentle kiss, and tells me "okay," meaning everything will be okay. She grows everyday, in height and brains. I don't know where she gets it, but she's genius status. I just hope I can keep up with her. I love her so much, and am so grateful for her sweet, kind, loving, forgiving spirit. She's my example. Can't wait to see her reaction Christmas morning this year, it should be fun! Until my next post, which hopefully isn't this long, Merry Christmas to you all!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ten Thoughts

First thought: Elyse, I totally did the "Writing Wednesday" and din't actually ever write about it. Well, I didn't exactly do it on purpose, but it happened. So I'll do my quick writing here.

        3:00 am "Julie, get up. You want to come call a coyote in with me?" my husband
 whisper yells at me.
        Me responding with a groan, and thinking to myself swear words. Yes, I don't swear often out loud, but they do come around in this brain of mine more often then they probably should.
        And I finally got up after two minutes of going back and forth in my head. Guess this is what I get for marrying an avid hunter.

Second thought: When did it ever become okay for woman to read Fifty Shades of Gray  Porn?! Pretty sure that has never been okay, and never will be. I've never opened up the book myself, so excuse me if I'm wrong. I've just heard what it's about and pretty sure that's a definite "Romance" book, in other words, porn. Sorry if I'm offending you, I really am not meaning to, but it's not okay for people to watch porn, so it's really not okay to read it either. Do what you like, and maybe I'm wrong, but sound's like another way Satan is trying to push himself into our homes and family.
Our bodies are temples, and we should keep them clean and pure, in thoughts and deeds.

Third thought: I wish that when I drink hot chocolate, it wouldn't make me feel super fat and full after the tiniest cup.

Fourth thought: Capri-Suns should be made in adult sizes!

Fifth thought: Total excitement!!! I'm getting a new nephew this month! And I'm getting another niece/nephew in June! Woohoo! Did I mention I'm excited?!

Sixth thought: I want three things for Christmas. One, a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens! Two, a new laptop. And three, a new mattress. Yes, a mattress  Boring I know, but ours is beginning to sag, as in you can visibly see a dip in the bed.
Might as well sleep in one of these!

Seventh though: I really would love for it to snow!

Eighth thought: I really have the best friends in the world! (Some are not in this picture, but know you are included in this thought. :)

Ninth thought: Classic cartoons like; Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, should not cost thirty dollars!

Tenth and last thought: I love this little face!