Monday, November 26, 2012


So about a month and a half ago, my sister and I got our kiddos together to do some pictures for my mom. My sisters brother in law took the pictures, and they turned out sooo good! They are all good lookin' kids! We were planning to give them to her for Christmas, but decided Thanksgiving would be better. Love them!


Monday, November 19, 2012

My child is...

...a genius! Ok, it's probably just a crazy coincidence, but it's pretty awesome. So, my mom and I were doing KenLea's hair, which is always a good time. Whenever KenLea is getting her hair done she likes to have her toothbrush. Well this particular morning she asked for "pith pith," which means tooth paste. I thought it was so funny, so of course I whipped my phone out to record it. And as usual, once I pushed the red button she wouldn't say it. So in trying to get her t say it, I grabbed my moms toothpaste out of her drawer and held it up and asked "KenLea what is this?" immediately she responds "Colgate," clear as day, I look down at the toothpaste bottle that I have held in front of her face, and to my suprise, in big bold letters "Colgate" is written across it. What!! "Did she just read that?!" I said laughing hysterically. Nobody has ever even said that word to her before. My mom and I were dying. . .

Later that day I had gone into the bathroom for a minute and when I came out, I found my phone in KenLea's little mischievous hands... And later on I opened my "photos" to show Braidon the epic video, and to my wonderful suprise, no video! Rather about a hundred pictures of this. KenLea erased it! And yes thats snot running out of her nose. Mmmm I was rather upset to say the least. I'm determined to see if I can recover it  somehow.
Now, I know the whole incident was just some crazy coincidence, but hey it was pretty darn amazing. Oh my dear KenLea, never a dull moment! Love her!
True story.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things I Discovered

....this past month.
1. I really suck at putting on fake lashes! In fact I almost glued my eye shut.
2. KenLea sure makes Halloween fun!
3. I really need to just move on from the clothes I'm never going to fit back into again.
4. KenLea has a major fear of her own poop. (She went on the potty, and when she looked around to see what she had left in the toilet. She totaly flipped out! She backed away, with her hands up in the air and a disguisted look on her face, and said "Nasty! Pee-uuu!"
5. This election brought me to say a swear word, when I haven't sworn for a reeely long time.
6. Unless it's Shellac, there is absolutely no point in painting my fingernails.
7. Madagascar 3 and Rio cannot be watched to many times.
8. I need a maid, my house is messy wayyy to often!
9. This election made me break out. No joke!
10. I take way to many pictures. I'm always having to erase pictures on my phone, because my "storage is full."
11. KenLea is much to cute! And she can rock the pig tails.
12. Nutella is the best thing ever invented!
13. Three miles really goes by much faster when you're getting color thrown on you, and when you're chatting it up with friends.
14. I talk alot when I'm extremely frustrated. Thus 6 status posts on face book on the day after the election, and 2 not so nice post on instagram.                   
This, followed by... (this is a picture of my hand btw.)
15. KenLea really needs to stop with this whole "growing" thing.
And I'm sure many more things were discovered, but that's all for now. And can you believe thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Bring on the turkey! Man I love this time of year! And love my cute little family I get to spend it with. Well until next time...