Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thought i aughta...

Well seeing that i haven't blogged since forever! Thought i should. ha A little catch up: Pregnancy is going fantastic! I can't complain too much! I now only have exactly 3 months until my due date (from christmas day)! Only thing is my job is a standing job, all day, 5 days a week! Which is giving me some nerve problems through my tail bone and down my legs. I've also am realizing i am starting to gain weight in other places; my face, feet, and thighs. I am convincing myself it all "water weight!" Ahh! Hopefully i can get rid of it quickly. My house has been a constant mess starting at the first of december, seeing that i've had zero time to clean and i've been doing a million crafts! Which is driving me absolutely bezirk! We never had time to go get a christmas tree so i had to use the little miniture one we used last year, again! Marriage still rocks! I couldn't live without Braidon! Our home would be a bore without him! Though he may seem super shy, at home he sings songs to me at the top of his lungs, takes spoons and pounds them on things as if he's a percussionist, and tells me im still "Hot" even though i've got swollen feet and a big belly. And since people keep asking, we're naming our little sweetheart KenLea after my dad, and since kristen pointed out, my mother too. (Ken and Leann) I've had this named picked out forever, but Braidon wanted to do MiKenly, and i was like "no, that defeats the purpose of naming her after my wonderful father!) So now he's convinced and i got my way as he usually let me do. :) We're so excited for her to be here! I can hardly stand it! ... but there's a little bit to catch yall up.
So one of our most accuring events of every day is seeing some new buck outside our window, which has been one of Braidons biggest joys.
So on sunday the 19th, Braidons family had their christmas party at Grandma Davis' house in Beaver. We went saturday night and stayed over, which was probably one of the worse nights sleep i've had yet. We had to sleep on a hide-a-bed which the matress was completely worn out, being able to feel all the springs, and slanting towards the middle. Being pregnant didn't help! But it was worth it.
This is Braidons younger sister and little cousin. Which i love both dearly.

And getting Braidon to take a good picture is like trying to tie your shoes while pregnant, NOt gonna happen easy! But i love him! He makes me laugh!

That night we all went up and lit the christmas tree grandma put out on grandpa's grave. It was beautiful!

Well since im an artard! I didn't get any pictures of my families christmas, which was on christmas eve eve, seeing that kristen was going to her husbands family for christmas. But it was a blasty blast! My older sister Megan and her kids, kris and wade, my grandparents, and of course the lovely hosts my parents were all there! Of course i worked everyday this week right up until christmas, and so i didn't get there till like two. But we had dinner, and opened gifts, and went to the temple! It was a beautiful day!