Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Pics of The Trip


Now you see, this picture just gives me giggles. I am just,
well who knows. Allie looks like she's about to barf. And
for Kristen, well she's just a bit of a character!

Now for all you curious ones; this is my biological mother,
who yes, we met for the first time. She's a wonderful lady,
and we're glad we got to meet her.
Both beyond soaked in our own sweat!

My most beautiful mother! Love her so so sooo much!
And am super glad she came with us! Don't know what
I'd do without her!


Heading off to Georgia for my sister Allisons wedding.
So we packed up for a five day trip to Georgia! And boy,
i don't think i've ever have been so hot in my entire life.
I sweated from places i never have. But all in all, it was a
good trip.

So the hotel messed up and over booked, so for the first
night Braidon and I got stuck in a room with just a pull
out bed. Which Braidon's feet hung off the bed all night,
and we kept rolling into eachother because the bed hung
super low in the middle. Needless to say we didn't sleep
much that night. But they gave us free breakfast and a
free movie, which of course we went to my moms and
kristen's room to watch. Luckily we were moved the next

While at the mall, Braidon decided it would
be a blasty blast to do this bungy jumpy

Here Comes The Bride!

Allisons family and Davids family.

My wonderful grandparents!

I promise im not mad, im just in pain.
Besides my dress being so tight i could
hardly breathe, i was sweating from every-

The Ceremony.

Grandpa walkin Allison up the aisle.