Thursday, September 20, 2012

And you should too.

So, I joined this writing group. It's totally awesome! Especially for a stay at home mom, who can feel her intellect slowly slipping away. Now, I have never been very good at English, so I was a little worried because I know there are going to be lots of grammatical errors in my writing, but I figured "what the heck!" 
I definitely recommend joining!! Go to this page and learn more.
So, what happens is every Wednesday she gives us a new prompt, this weeks was "You're a serial killer. What TV shows are on your DVR list and why?" Well, I just couldn't bring myself to write a scary, horrific story about a nasty crazy, so this is what I came up with...enjoy nerds!

(click-fuzz-click) "Darn Direct TV," I yell out loud. I'm terrible with electronics! I swear I push the red, record button, but fifty percent of the time when I go to watch my recorded shows, they are no where to be found. Phew, atleast my Anime recorded. (Creepy giggle.) Anime is the most important show to my excistance. If only people knew the advantage they'd have, if they'd would just watch it. Never have I actually came into contact with Shinji, or Lelouch, but hopefully someday I will. If I die, I hope it is by somebody such as them. It would be humiliating to be killed by these stupid Joe-Shmoes, I mean who picks a warrior name such as "JerseyShore22," it's just a disgrace!
(Crying. Silent pondering. Evil snickering.)
I wonder what happens when you die? Have the ones I've killed so far been found by their mothers face down on their keyboard, or are they pathetic forty year old men, who live alone, and nobody found them for multiple days. Do they vanish into a pile of dust in their seat, or explode into a million pieces as I cast my spell of death?
As I walk slowly from my living room, into dimly lit computer closet I can feel my sweat begin to drip down my face. I stare into the black screen of my computer, looking at my reflection. My hair is slicked back into a tight, slick pony. I can feel my heartbeat steadily getting quicker, and my hands begin to sweat. "Calm yourself!" I yell into the screen. "You could die, if you don't get control of your pathetic emotions." Finally, I feel ready. I wait for my computer to turn on, and then I click the Icon. Oh the icon, just looking at it makes me scream. I love it! It's crazy how that little icon can make my thoughts go from fear to extreme excitement, as tingles run from my head, down my spine. "Sayuri," I quickly type into my login. (Loading...Run, run, run. Cast spell. Dodge spell. Cast spell. Dodge spell. Run, run. Hide for a minute. Run, run. Dodge spell. Cast spell. Sparkles.) I jump out of my chair. My smile reaches from ear to ear. I killed him! It serves him right for giving himself the name "Yukio," meaning; Happy Man. (Snort)
I wait for my computer to shut down. As it turns black, I again look at my reflection. My perfect pony, is now all skee-womp-iss. I must've pulled on my hair, either during that first battle, or during my rejoicing of my kill. I sit there in silence for a good ten minutes. Then I whisper to my reflection, "Today was not your day, and hopefully not tomorrow."
I grab my half eaten sandwich out of the fridge and sit down in my rocking chair. I scroll to my favorite episode of Gintama, the one I watch every night after my defeat. As I watch, I tell Jouishishi, my arch enemy, that one day I will meet him, and he better hope that his fate is not the same.
The End.

Now I have to tell you. I have never seen an Anime show in my life. I had to google everything. I just thought it would be a funny way to go about this prompt. So, join the group if you enjoy writing. It's a fun way to keep your mind from turning into mush. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Been Too Long!

Hello blogging world! No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. My life has been a little chaotic, with the whole moving back to Utah thing. Moving wasn't that big of an adjustment, infact it feels as if we were never gone, in a way. The only hard part was KenLea's adjustment to the time change. She was two hours ahead, so she was a cranky-poo when it got to be about seven in the evening, thus a few hard days. But besides that she's doing awesome. And of course we all got sick once we got back. Uck! Started with Braidon, then KenLea, and now me. I just can't seem to kick it, but I think I'll live.
And guess what! It's hunting season again, meaning I have no husband. Thankfully his hunt ends this weekend! Oh of his best friends is coming into town and is wanting Braidon to hunt with him as well, nevermind then. I guess I'll see him in October. I really haven't blogged in so long. It's like, "Well, do I start from way back when and tell everything, or do I just skip to today?" I don't know. But, since this is a bit of a document for myself, and I use my blog as refrence for when I'm scrap booking, I guess I'll just do a quick recap of my life since my last blog.
Lets see, I'll start at the end of July.
-KenLea can walk around in my four-inch heels. Ahh!

-KenLea can now do puzzles by herself. She understands how to match the pictures, and how to put the puzzle peice in its spot...I was impressed.
-We attempted our first movie with KenLea. We took her to Ice Age. Pretty sure we wont be taking her to a movie untill she's five.
-KenLea went through a stage where she thought lip gloss/lotion/shampoo was toe nail polish.
Now for August
-KenLea got a new fettish with her dads hats.
Is she not just the cutest! I took a million pictures this month, because I knew we were leaving Michigan soon, and I wanted to document things.
-KenLea got her second pair of cowboy boots! YeeHaw!
-KenLea likes to play "mimick eachother" with me. Thus the awesome "ducky face" look.
-We took a trip to Ohio, for a family reunion. I can't begin to explain how wonderful these trips were when we got to go see my family. It was a little scary, we almost got eaten by a tornado, no joke! But, that didn't matter. I got to see my wonderful grandpartents, plus my beautiful pregnant sister and her husband, along with other family members! It was absolutely fantastic!!

New Favorite Picture!!
-KenLea got her first ponytail! It was adorable for the few seconds it was there. It went from this... this, within a matter of minutes. 
-And on August 11th, we left back to good 'ol Utah!
-We made a quick stop at Colby's (Braidon's brother), in Colorado City.
 -We also stopped in Alpine to see my sister Megan, where KenLea made sure to play in her shoe closet.
-Driving down our drive-way, I may have teared up a bit.
Now we're back home in Utah, and as of now a days:
-I got to catch up with my besties!
-KenLea still loves Auntie Makayla to death!
-KenLea calls my mom "mom." And she thinks my dad, "papa" is the best guy ever! And boy, does she have him wrapped around her little finger!
-KenLea would live outside if I let her.
-I got roped into running the Red Rock Relay. Just about killed myself. I maybe ran 4 times before running it. I know I'm brilliant!
Yes, I'm the larger and more white one out of the two. :)

 -Tex and the kitty are KenLea's best friend.
 -If ever KenLea is having a "moment," we can just take her in the Ranger, and everything turns into bliss!
KenLea really is amazing! She is so funny! She makes me do the whole cry laugh thing. She can say everything. She talks like a pro. She loves everybody! I can't go anywhere without her trying to talk to people. I just can't believe how smart she is. I don't know what I'm going to do. She's gonna need me to help her in some subject and I won't have a clue what she's talking about.
-She can say the alphabet with me.
-She'll also counts right along with me untill four, and then she'll say "five" right before I even say it.
-She loves to sit in her high chair. She insists on feeding herself.
-We have to wrap a towel around our indoor lader because she can go all the way up it by herself. Almost gave me a heart attack.
-She tries to dress herself, and it turns out something like this:
We are just loving life! And love this little gal of ours!