Wednesday, October 24, 2012


October sure has flown by, hasn't it?! I can't believe I already need to start thinking Christmas gifts. Ahh! But, lets not rush things, because I sure do love fall! Is it not just the prettiest? And I just love the crisp air. Mmmm. I just wish the leaves would last a full month, rather then turn red/orange and then fall off two days later.
Well besides weather, our hunts are finally over! Thank the heavens! Ok, it's really not that bad, just craziness. But, I'm sure they'll be more, cyote callin is a year round thing, it seems like. Talking about hunting. We have a little hunter on our hands! She is obsessed with deer! Wade brought out his antlers this weekend, and the entire time she kept saying "go touch," and would take us to the mud room, where they were, and want to touch and look at them. And she can spot anything. I think she's gonna be our little scouter! We have a afternoon routine, where Nana and Papa take her on a ride in the ranger to go see the "dee-urr." It really is "Kid Heaven" out here.
She puts it pretty well of how we felt after the hunt was over.
It seemed like KenLea's hair growed about an inch this month, and she's also getting so tall. Her 18 month pants are too short, so she's now wearing 24 month and 2T. She can reach door handles which is...lovely. Also, my parents have a light switch KenLea can reach, and she thinks that is just the coolest thing ever, us not so much.
She loves puzzles! And she is super good at them now. We have this ABC's puzzle, and when I'm doing it with her whenever she picks up a piece, I tell her which letter it is, and on about half of them she shouts out the following letter. Not, gonna lie, I'm impressed that she knows what letter comes next when we're doing them randomly like that.

Something different; she acts like she wants to go on the toilet sometimes, so sometimes I'll let her sit on the toilet. I don't think potty training is going to be happening anytime soon, but it's funny that she want's to go on the toilet. 

She literally mimicks everything! Everything! We have to watch what we say around here. Words we hear alot around her right now are; "apple," "go ride" (for wanting to go ride the ranger), "oh goshhh," "sheesh," "watch this"(she'll watch about 10 minutes of a movie now), "chips" (for chips and salsa), "chair," "play" (when she wants to go downstairs to the toy closet), and of course "tex" and "kitty." She's says a million more things, but these seem to be heard alot throughout the day. She'll even mimick movement. Like so...

Her mimicking "smiling."

And I mean "Everything!" No, she didn't use any, just stuck it in her nose, like Braidon did.
She loves apples, and she loves fresh salsa! She'd drink it if I'd let her.
Oh, I guess I did let her.
She's still on her bottle, which I don't know if "they" say 18 month olds should still be using bottles, but I don't care. She hates sippy cups, she justs wants to use a reagular cup, so I let her.

She absolutly loves her cousins!
She loves Jesus. She points him out anytime there is a picture and says "Jesus." And she loves our little Christus statue. So short story. When KenLea was just a couple months old, we took her to the visitors center in St.George where there is the big Christus, and when she saw it, she just looked at him and smiled, and giggled, and just started jabbering away like she was talking to an old friend. It's one of those things that just makes your heart fill with joy. She has also learned to fold her arms while we pray. Now just gotta work on the be more reverent in church thing.

We really just can't get enough of this girl, and can't believe she is one n' half! Almost 19 months here in two days. Crazy! She really is just the sweetest baby todler ever! She makes me laugh all day long. She still loves to cuddle, which makes mom super happy. But, she is super independent which is great too. She is growing everyday by leaps and bounds.  Yep, we love her! Loads n' loads!

Friday, October 19, 2012


So, remember back in August when I told you that KenLea can say her alphabet, well I finally got it recorded (sorry it took me this long Grandma). She started saying it with me back at the beginning of August and could say almost every letter, except for three which she would substitute with 'O,' I don't know why. But, now she says them all pretty well. Notice 'W.' Also, she says 'C' before I even say it, she does that with random letters sometimes. And I've always done the signs with her, so that is why she is doing weird things with her hands. She can't do the correct signs, but it'll come. ha
Oh, and please ignore the cluttered living room. :)