Monday, November 1, 2010

Beyond Wonderful!

Ok, so i have no clever, creative title for this blog, other then I truely mean it! It is "Beyond Wonderful!" So in July, Braidon and I found out we were expecting! I think it was the most exciting day ever! Braidon is so cute! And as of today we now know we're havin a little Girl! It's amazing how much you can love somebody! I look at the pictures and videos all the time! She's super active! The tech said "looks like she's comin out with running shoes on." Which made Braidon and me laugh cuz we're both runners. But it was absolutely amazing! As far as the pregnancy goes, I feel pretty lucky. I haven't thrown up, just had constent nausea, headache/dizziness, i don't know which is better. But thats over now, and has been replaced with a big bump. I got big really fast, they had me get an ultrasound early to see if it was twins, but no, just a big baby! Although I think everybody whose pregnant think there big, just cuz its new.
But here's some pictures of me throughout the pregnancy thus far:

First Ultrasound at 13 weeks! So in love!

The size i was around 14 weeks!

Braidon is so excited! He's so cute and super protective! He'll be such a great dad!

Me at 19 weeks. The day we found out its a Girl!


Pretty sure i should become a professional pumpkin carver! Ok so maybe not...and this really wasn't halloween this was about the second week into october...Braidon's brother came out and we carved pumpkins. Braidon's pumpkin has lasted the longest...mine looked like a toothless old man in about two days. haha Sadly i didn't get any pictures from halloween, no i didn't dress up, but kristen and wade came out and we had dinner, made carmel dipping sauce and had apples, and played phase ten. It was a good time, maybe sounds lame, but we're not partiers. Most of all i love the fall!