Sunday, April 25, 2010

I suppose...

i aughta give a little update...thats what everyone else does. Sorry im brand new at just barely gettin a hang of it.

Well we've been married for five months now, although i swear it's been longer. As you can see, we got a puppy, a golden retriever named Tex. He's been a really good puppy, well for as good as puppy's can get.

Im still workin at Christensens, which is super hard cuz we really need to save, and i love clothes. So i've been bein really good, and tryin not to spend. Braidon just got his insurance license and is selling life insurance. It's been doing really well, and he's really liking it, which is always nice in a job.

Two of my sisters are gettin hitched this summer. Im super excited! One all the way in Antlanta, so that will be a fun filled adventure.

We're living out in the country, in a cute little house, which i love! Braidon can go fishin every day, his dream come true!

Well thats about all i can think of for now...

You Have Not Seen Messy!

I can't even husband usually is really clean...apparently he's let this slip a wee. I got in his car to go with him somewhere...this is what i found. Urk! Well all i can say is; once we get a new vehicle, this better not be happening!

Saturday, April 24, 2010