Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Talking to Myself

"Hmm...blogging. I find myself so boring. I wish I were more creative and funny with my words, like Elyse Beard (she's a must read! So if you haven't read her blog, Do!). Or, could do amazing photography, like Sara and Brenna (if you need pictures done, they are Uh-mazing!). Or, say touching and sweet things like Lauren. Or, be good at documenting everything like Bobbi. Or,  looks good in every picture, like Brandi and Dani. Or, is the kindest and everybody loves, like Kelcie. Or, is so motivational, like Janelle. Or, just says it how it is and makes me laugh, like Ashlee. Or, funnest person Ever, like Kendra! Or, be amazing at everything; being a mom, keeping her house clean, etc, like Natasha. But, for some reason I just....blah! How to be more creative? How to be timeless? Someday, hopefully sooner than later, I will get that DSLR camera and will be able to capture time artfully (ifff I have any skill in that area). And one day, I will get out of these sweats (Rachel you're awesome. I don't change right before Braidon gets home. Yeah, probably should do that.:) And someday I will loosen up, and not be so uptight about every little thing! (It's rediculous, it really is. I don't know why I am. Is it a women thing? It only causes stress. So why, I ask. Why?) Ok, maybe I'm being a tad hard on myself. Besides, all my friends are amazing, so it's easy to find a million nice things to say abouth them. But, I read all these inspiring blogs, and I think "julie, you could totally do that." No. Never happens. Do I have any cute halloween decorations? Nuh uh! Do I say the funny thoughts that go through my head infront of anybody besides my twin? No, I'm shy, even infront of my good friends. I'm so silly. My poor husband, he might as well live with a twenty-ton rock. It may be more spontaneous and fun. So, get off your butt, get dressed up, buy that cute little vintage dress you want to put KenLea in, and take your cute little family for a fun day out! Uh....where? How? Have you looked outside? You live next to a national park, there's a very sunny place just fourty minutes south of here, even the side lawn would work. Dhurr! Just gather a few things; picnic basket, blanket, camera, don't forget the food for inside the picnic basket!, some good tunes, etc. You don't need loads of money to have fun. Just a little time. Time! Ah ha! Yeah, well if I didn't have to pump every couple hours this would be so much easier! Just bring it along. But, it's so annoying! Minor pile of shit in the middle of the trail, just side step it. Ohh-K! Now, just pick a day. Check. Get rid of KenLea's cold. Which is so miserable by the way! I hate seeing her sick. Snot running down her face all day long! No fun. Poor little red nosed girl. :(But, it should be over by this little outing.) Lose a little more of the prego weight so you can wear some of your cute jeans, rather than the oh so sexy basketball shorts. Actually, follow through! And document it! Like a cute little story. Yes, it's gonna happen. Going to get out of this messy house, go for a fun filled day with my two babes, and going to blog about it, in a non-boring way." 
On a side story, we have been a little slow on paying tithing. Not that we don't mean to, we just kept forgetting to go to the ATM while in town. Finally, got it paid this week, and while going through this bucket, that I've gone through multiple times these past weeks, I found a five dollar bill. Point: pay your tithing! Yes, it was small, and I wasn't exactly in need of the money. But, it was like those little notes your mom puts in your lunchbox when you're little, just reminding you that she loves you.