Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to think...

As I begin this new phase of life, and now that i've not been working the last couple of weeks, it's givin me lots of time to think. I think I've had a pretty blissful life. Of course there have been challenges along the way, but everything has turned out wonderful. I think when you're young you look so much on the here and now. Like when I was young, I was constantly playing outside, if i wasn't riding horses I was diggin in the dirt, fishing, riding my bike, workin in the garden, with no cares in the world.

Then when high school came along, it was sports. And Braidon! I loved playing soccer, most fun sport ever. Track was my highlight though. I was aiming for scholarships, I dedicated all my time to track. But, when it came time to choose where to go to collage, I chose not to take any of the running scholarships. I was done with competitive running. Don't get me wrong, I love running, but I knew that wasn't going to be my life. I had more important things to get on to. (This was at State Track my senior year, where we took state in our 4x4, and did really good in our individual events as well, what a awesome time that was, but not near as wonderful as the time I have before me. Good memories, but not eternal joys.)
I went to Dixie with a academic scholarship. Such a fun year! I moved down there with 4 of my really good friends, and I learned alot from them. I have such beautiful, wonderful friends who are such great examples, and I love them all. Yes! All of you :)
The next year I moved to Cedar and went to SUU, where I totally lost it. I failed a couple classes, which if you know me, I don't fail classes. I always had super good grades. I went through a super hard time, having to make major life decisions. But, finally I did get through it. And in August of 2009 I got engaged to the Love of My Life! We got married two months later, in the House of the Lord. Marriage is wonderful, yeah there are hard days, but you grow closer in those times.
Everyone tells you to wait till you are done with collage and have good secure jobs to start having kids, but Braidon and I felt so strong about having a baby. I prayed about it alot, and there were a couple times where we thought I was pregnant, and when it turned out that i wasn't I was crushed. And when the day came that I was actually pregnant, I could hardly contain my happiness. Yeah, Braidon still has collage, I still have collage, but yet I am at peace with this. Heavenly father knows what is best for us. We're both beyond excited for her to get here. We love her so much already, and know that the decision to become pregnant was definately the right thing for us. She is going to be the greatest blessing in our home, I can hardly wait to meet this precious angel.
Looking back, my life sure has led me to where I need to be. I learned to be a hard worker as a child growing up out in this little rural town. Track is where I fell in love with Braidon, and I learned what dedication ment. Collage is where I learned to pick myself back up after I fall. To forgive myself for my mistakes and go forward with more faith. And now, I'm learning what my most important mission is here on this earth; being a good wife and mother. What a blessing the gospel is in our lives. Never will there be a greater joy than this plan that Heavenly Father has given us. What a privilage!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Only if...

...I could draw you the floor plan of our humble home. I'll explain a bit so you can kinda get an idea. The main floor; living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom (tiny), hallway between master bedroom and bathroom with closets on both sides, and thats it. So you see my dilema. Where do i put our sweet little girl?! I don't want to put her down stairs right now, and to get upstairs you climb a lader. Our master bedroom fits just our bed, so where oh where do i put her? Ah ha! Idea! Take all my stuff out of my closet and combine it with Braidons closet, which is a joke! I have way too many clothes! Remove the doors off the closet, and abra-ka-dabra KenLea's room! As of now. It actually turned out very nice. Its only a few steps away from Braidon and I which is nice, and in reality she doesn't need an entire room to herself. She wouldn't notice if i decked out a room for her anyways, not that i wouldn't if I had a room for her, but i don't so this will do. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's painful in a way....

Im not sure if painful is the correct word to use, but my mom and everyone keeps telling me how when i first see her im going to be instantly in love! Which i already am! Its almost painful how much i already love this little girl! As the days grow closer, my fear of labor is begginning to cease and my anxiousness and excitement is getting unbarable! I can't believe time is almost up, im 2 n 1/2 weeks away from my due date, March 25th. Time sure has gone by so fast! I can't wait to see this little girl, it's still almost unreal. I can feel her inside of me and i feel such a special bond with her already, but i still can't believe we're going to be parents! What a blessing God has given us!
Well needless to say, im like one of the worst bloggers, i wish i took more pictures, but i don't. In the last two months i've gotten back to where pregnancy isn't so much fun, as in walking and sleeping! I waddle like a duck! I've been having a bit of problems due to having a job where i stand all day, but thankfully that is all over! Yes, im done with work as of last friday. Hopefully this will help my body repair a bit before the big event of labor! Eek!
Well February 24th was mine and kristens birthday, 22 years. We took a couple of pictures and kristen doesn't help, in that she is a stick! So it makes me look like a hippo! We just went out to eat with my parents then went to kristens house for desert. And then kristen had a bright idea to watch "the boy in the striped pajamas" which is a good movie, but super depressing, pretty sure i had nightmares for the next couple nights. But we had a wonderful birthday!
On March 5th, my sweetest mother and sisters threw me a baby shower. It turned out so wonderful! Many of my dearest friends and family were able to come! I have to say, i have some amazing friends and family who took the drive out to new harmony to come support me in this wonderful occasion. I didn't get any pictures with my beautiful friends cuz i was just to caught up in conversation, so im pretty sad about that. But, it turned out beautiful. My mom prepared some amazing food! It was delish! And she decorated it so cute! I got lots of wonderful gifts and appreciate them all so much!
Me and my beautiful sisters, Kristen and Megan.
And here is my dearest mom who worked so hard on preparing a beautiful shower, along with my sister meg and little niece olivia.
Here's the girls. (Like i said i look like a hippo!) I have aweful cankles and swollen feet, and a most attractive double chin. haha