Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lots of Pictures, Little Words

September 26th and a six month old baby girl! "Is she just the cutest ever?" you ask. Oh beyond words can tell. She is...just the sweetest, "funnest", smartest, funniest, most everything wonderful baby girl ever! Love her so so soooo much!
She's our little "super baby." And a chunk. Oh so cute!
Ok so maybe I'm a little proud of her, but I'm her moo-ter so...mothers should be like that right?
Lets see where to start?
+We started feeding her baby food. Began with the squash, which she loved. And then we tried some peas a few days later. No likey! But, good thing is she was willing to give it a try. She took about 8 good spoonfuls, giving me the "eww" look, before saying "nuh uh!"

Very first time eating baby food.

+ We started her on fruit too, she loves it, of course!

+ For the past couple months she has been trying to sit up by herself and at about 5 months 1 week she was able to get herself to the sitting position and be stable, with out getting high-centered on one butt cheek and toppling over.
 Haha, she makes the funniest expressions.
It sure made things lots easier till...
+ At 5 1/2 months she started crawling. Everywhere! AND...

 + Pulling herself up by herself. Lot's of "bonks," if you will. She's a little practice, practice, practice baby.
+She also went to her first rodeo...
and "You fellll asleeppp!" I was bouncin her on my knee, and she was just lookin around, when all of a sudden I looked down to see her snoozin away. It was hilarious.
+She took her first "bath bath." Going from this

to this. And she still LOVES bath time.
+She now purposely reaches for me while she's being held by others. And crawls to my feet and reaches up for me. Cute!
+She has a little bit of stranger anxiety, but only with men, and only every once in a while. She likes to look at them, but as soon as they talk to her she begins to cry. I don't know what it is. She'll grow out of it, hopefully.
+She's trying to give me a heart attack. Favorite sleeping position: face down!
+She's in 9 month clothing. Chubby chubby!
+6 month stats: 18lb 8oz (90%), 25 3/4in (49%), and 78% Head Cer.

I could go on and on about how amazing she is and how much we love her, but it seriously took me 5 days to finish this post. I just don't have the time to sit down and finish a blog, it takes me doing little bits and pieces at a time. Plus this is a rather Long post. Sorry!
She's such a sweetheart and gives me multiple hugs throughout the day, making my heart fill with joy beyond words. She loves outside! Good thang to! She is full of giggles and just brightens every moment of our day. We love her so so much! And are so glad she came into our lives. 

Now, off to another adventure :)