Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I couldn't leave you all thinking...

I'm this negative person, so here are some of my favorites.

10. Apricots! I'm definately going to give Heavenly Father a big hug for blessing my tastebuds with their yummy goodness!

9. Soccer and Track. I loved playing in those soccer games along the side of such good friends. And running, SPRINTing only may I add! Nothing over 400 meters! Ha What a rush!
8. Listening to country music while drivin in the country side. A good country song just makes me happy. Favorite song of the week is "Crazy Girl," by Eli Young Band, and of course all the classics; George Strait, Reba, Brad, etc...love Eric Church and Josh Turner.

7. Stomach aches with sore cheeks. Let me explain. This is when I laugh so hard I hurt. You know, when you can't stop laughing. You try to gain composure, but once you open your mouth you just start laughing again.

6. The smell of rain. Yep I love the smell of dirt. Ha I don't know there's just something fresh about it, or moldy haha. No, I just love when in rains. It's so beautiful too. Cleansing.

5. Simple things. I kinda wish we didn't have all this modern day technology stuff. I wish times were simple, where gaming, tv, and all that stuff didn't take up peoples interests and time. Where you just played, cooked, chatted with eachother, because that's all you had, was Eachother.

4. Classy, antique, 30's-50's stuff. Love eet! Wish some things where still the same like back then.

3. Winter. I love the look of fresh fallen snow, wood burning stoves, Christmas. I just imagine going to a quant little cafe in my beanie, boots, and classy coat, sitting down and having a warm drink (cider, or hot chocolate of course) and a pastry, along with my cutest daughter and hubby.

2. A heart ready to explode and tear filled eyes, when you're filled with the spirit.

1. My sweet KenLea's everything! Her smile, laugh, cute little conversations, chubby legs, just everything. She has the sweetest spirit and feels my heart with joy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Elyse, and anyone else who might be interested.

So, I've decided to try to make my blog a little more diverse...And to answer Elyse's blog...My Top 5 Pet Peeves are. Which I really dont know if these are my top 5, these are just 5.
1.Oposite of Brandi, no offense because I know I'm the weird one. But, I hate shower cutains closed, I want to be able to see if there is some scary killer waiting to jump out and kill me. :)ha
2.When my baby takes a big poop, no joke, three seconds after I changed her diaper! Still love her! 3.When people are singing in a group, and some dumb aRss trys to out sing everyone. You sound like an Idiot! 4.When people call people "molly mormon/peter priesthood," "too righteous". Can you seriously be too righteous? Example; You're with friends, decide a movie sounds fun, so everyone wants to go see some 'R' rated movie, but Miss.Suzy politely says that she'd rather see a different movie, because she feels uncomfortable seeing a rated 'R' movie. Or, you are havin dinner with buddies, and gossip is easy, and You think Bertha is annoying and fat, so you're making fun of her, and Linda nicely says "Oh Im sure she's had a hard life, we really shouldn't make fun." Why is it that we critisize these people for doing what's right and yes, Doing What Jesus Would Do! Instead we should just humble ourselves and try to be more like these nice girls. (BTW, please dont think I am saying I am one of these perfect people, cuz I am far from, trying, but far from.) 5. When people leave there shoes right at the doorway. Not too the side of the door, but rather directly in front of it, where while carrying groceries in you could trip over them because you cant see your feet. There are many more, but after having a baby, I'm learning to be more patient and less bothered with things. Why bother, it only is stressin me out.
(Sorry Elyse, I know my grammer is horrific! ha. My poor mother, she tried so hard.)