Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grateful and Blessed Am I

Here in Michigan, I live a rather simple life. Simple meaning: nearly zero adult contact/conversation, and sitting in a very small apartment all day long. But, I do have the best life, as in; I get to spend all day with my sweet KenLea, and I wouldn't want it any other way! Stating the obvious, babies really don't do a whole lot. They are entertained very easy. Basically, they wake up, they eat, they read, they nap, they play within the living room, and they sleep. Pretty simple. And most days spend a little time outside, getting some fresh air. Outside time consists of running around on the grass area, pointing out any wild life, and if lucky, going down a slide or two. Before having a baby, most adults don't spend their day doing these things. We usually sleep to our liking, get a work out in, go to work, and on days off, we can play sports, go to a movie, etc. But never, well I never, sat home in my living room all day, playing on the floor with random toys and books. You would think, a life of a stay at home mother is boring, monotonous, and tiresome. But, on the contrary there is nothing better! There is nothing more tiresome and hard, yet at the same time overly exciting, fun, gratifying, and worth-while.
KenLea has taught me so much, more than any of the 22 years prior to her birth. She really is a miraculous life. Her spirit is so strong. She sure sets a high standard for us in our house. She is the most kind sweet person I know. She passes no judgement. She gives the biggest smiles and the best hugs. She has the best sense of humor! She is beyond brilliant. And I'm so blessed to be able to spend so much time with such an amazing spirit.
As I sit here, going on and on about my precious daughter, it makes me think about how as time goes by here in Michigan, I obviously start missing my family and friends more and more. I've found that time away really makes a person appreciate the people in their life more. I really have to say, I have the best family and the most amazing friends. I really do. I hear of people who have fights with family and friends, and I can honestly say that I feel that I've never had that problem, and it's not because I am just a easy-going, fabulous person, but rather that my family and friends are so amazing. As I think about my friends, I'm so grateful that we can all talk so easily. I'm probably the most reserved out of everybody. I think of myself as a listener, well most times. Most of my friends are already mothers and if not, they are mothers at heart, and we all have the same standards and general goals in life. We know the importance of family, and it is obvious that that is a priority. I appreciate that we can all talk about our children, and not feel like it's a competition. I always see on TV, or hear of people always trying to "top" each other on how they or their child is better than everybody else's. We all know how much we love are children, and we know that's how it should be. And we all care about each other and each others children as well. We can share events and progress about our children freely and with joy, because we know that we all care and are understanding, and honestly are interested in each other. How many people can say that about their friends?! Sadly not many. But, I can, and how awesome is that!
I really couldn't be more blessed to have the family, sisters, and friends that I have. I miss all of my sisters so much. And it fills my heart with joy, that I have all of them in my life. They are all so beautiful, and really are my best friends!
And here is a video, just because it makes me laugh through out the entire thing. It's a little long, but so cute! And maybe I just think that because I'm her mother, but seriously! :) I recommend zooming in, due to my technological incompetency, because it's pretty darn small.

And you know what I find supper annoying embarrassing? Is that I have this pet peeve, which is when people smack their gum. And guess what! I'm doing that through out that whole video! I gotta watch that! Urk!
A big thanks to Heavenly Father for blessing me with the most amazing family and friends. And for blessing me with days full of simple joys, of being with the most sweet daughter of God. Love you all!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Good Weekend

These past two weekends have made life here go by fast. Last weekend I made a surprise trip to Illinois to see my grandparents and sister Allison! It was fabulous! I was so grateful to be able to see them. I love them all so much, and KenLea got comfortable with them very quickly.
And this weekend my wonderful parents came for a very much needed visit. If I haven't made it clear, I miss home! I miss not having to feel like two minutes after getting out of the shower, that I need to shower again, due to this wretched humidity. Urg! I miss the mountains! I miss country roads. But, most of all I miss my family. Thankfully I have my grandma three n' half hours away and I can zip on over and see her, if I need it.
But, it was so wonderful, as short as it was, that we were able to see my parents. We ate food, sat around and talked in their hotel room, while watching and playing with my hilarious KenLea. I'm tellin ya, she is a hoot! We went swimming three times. KenLea loves to swim, and pretty sure if I took one day with her and taught her, she could be a Olympic swimmer the next day. Sadly they had to leave, but it really did help with my homesickness (approximately seven weeks left!). I seriously have the best parents! They are so supportive and loving. Can't wait to see them in my beautiful New Harmony!

And as for everything else. KenLea still likes to keep me going a million miles an hour. She loves to mimic everything, when she's in the mood that is. She insists on feeding her self. She loves to wear shoes, weirdo! She makes it hard to keep a strait face, while trying to tell her "no!" She is our little dancer. She loves pickles and strawberries. She thinks that having a picked up room, should be non-existent. She loves to show off her hill-billy smile, which we love! She can almost out run us. She wears size 18 to 24 months clothing. She likes to walk around in my heels. And she is just amazing. I love her more than I could ever explain. My mom always asks me, "Can you believe how much you love her?" Honestly, it's amazing. I can't imagine a love greater. I know that she was meant to be mine. I know that she was my daughter before we can to earth, and that this is all part of Heavenly Fathers plan. I'm so grateful for the knowledge and blessings of the temple, that we can have eternal families. Family and God really are the most important thing here on this earth.
This is what it looks like right after brushing it out. But, within five minutes it will go back to its ringlet curls.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stumblin Across

I stumbled across a memory stick, in one of my bags. It must've been in there from a long time ago, and some how never got cleaned out. I was surprised what I found. haha
This was Canyon Views Homecoming, my Junior year. My first dance with this hott guy! Can you see where KenLea gets her bow legged-ness from? And I apparently didn't know how to curl my hair back then, I'm sportin' the ringlet look. Oh well, I thought I looked good! And so did he! :) Oh it's fun to come across old pics. Thought I'd just share this little blast from the past.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Best!

I couldn't let this day go by without saying how thankful I am for my Dad. He is the best. Words cannot describe how amazing he is. He is sincerely one of the most selfless persons I know. He is one of those people I can say honestly does service for others, and sincerely doesn't want recognition. He just does it because he is so kind and good. He has always been there for me, and has taught me so many things. He can do it all! He has shown me through the way he lives, that he loves the gospel and the importance of living the commandments. He is such a great example to me. And I love how he has become so attached to KenLea. It's so funny because he's never been much of a "baby" guy, but he's having some major withdrawals right now, while we're here in Michigan. I could go on and on about how wonderful my dad is. He is so wonderful and I'm so glad he is my Dad.
And can't forget the father of my sweet KenLea, my love! My Braidon. Is it not the best thing, when father and daughter play together? Well I think it is! He is so wonderful. He works so hard, so I can stay home with our sweet baby. I don't thank him enough. I love him so much, more than words. He's so much smarter than he thinks he is, and he honestly is so kind. He does the most simple kind things for people, it is so sweet. I love him dearly! And KenLea does too!
Happy Fathers Day! We love all the fathers and grandfathers in our lives. We've been blessed to have the most amazing families, and couldn't ask for better father figures. Thanks to a great father in law, for excepting me into his family and treating me as his own. He's such a funny guy and I love him to pieces!
And thanks to wonderful grandpa's who I love dearly!
Happy Fathers Day! XOxo

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Soap Box is one of those days where my brain is going a million miles an hour. (Not including the two hour nap I took with KenLea of course.) Anyways, I've read and seen a lot of controversial articles today. And not that anybody really cares about my opinion, but hey that's what these blog things are for right? Here are some of my thoughts:
First off, is anybody else sick of hearing this whole "nursing in public" crap. One: I am a big advocate of breast feeding. Heck, I breastfed for ten months. Two: I have no problem with breast feeding in public. No problem what so ever, that is; if you aren't showing me your ladies. I mean really?! And three: stop with the whole, "Well if it's acceptable for people to dress like this in a restaurant, "this" being a very immodest, revealing outfit/uniform, then it should be okay for people to let their breast hang out while breast feeding. Now, who said it was "okay" to wear the revealing outfit? I for one think the revealing outfit is inappropriate. So, I also think the breast hanging out while feeding is inappropriate as well. See there are these things:
Beautifully modest!
They are awesome! Use them! Enough said.
Second: I gotta give a shout out to this amazing blog! Go read it here, it's absolutely awesome! As, her blogs always are. I always leave her blog either laughing hysterically, crying, or in deep thought. She's going to get some recognition for her amazing writing skills someday, I just know it!
Third: The other day, as I was scrolling through facebook I came across a post that seriously upset me. And I honestly don't get upset or offended too easy. You gotta either speak ill of our armed forces, my faith,  my friends or family to get me going. Well, just so you get the idea of the post I came across; It basically said that anybody who complains about being up all night with a baby, or dealing with child drama, is a pathetic piece of scum and should be ashamed of themselves, and should just be happy. My thoughts: We are all given different trials in our lives. Some are big and some are small. But, Heavenly Father doesn't look over any of our heartaches. Just because your trial may seem small compared to someone else, it doesn't mean your heartache is any less important to our Heavenly Father. He loves us all equally, and yes, sometimes we need to step back and try to look at things more positively and recognize our blessings, but don't accuse someone of being selfish and uncaring just because they complained that they are tired because their little one kept them up all night.
Fourth: I came across a link to this blog today Um wow, what an awesome family! Who are we to judge. I for one can either be extremely reserved, but in some situations I can be very prideful and set in my thoughts and ways, and not be afraid in making it known. I really try not to judge others, sometimes it's hard and I find myself having judgmental thoughts. I find myself thinking disappointing thoughts towards people when I know they "know better."  Which in reality I should be disappointed in myself for thinking that, because I have been raised and taught well and I myself make mistakes everyday.
As I step of my soap box, I want to leave one simple thought with you...

Have a beautiful weekend. Loves!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Birds

If you were to ask me, "Have you ever intentionally killed an animal?" Surprisingly, my answer would be, "no." I grew up in a little farm town, where hunting was part of our life style. In fact, I love going hunting, and I am every bit in favor of hunting. People don't understand how hunting works, and think its just a kill for joy thing. In fact, hunters do the most in keeping wild animals healthy and in good living conditions. Anyways, back to my point; I was raised in a hunting community, and my husbands family is also big hunters. So, you would think I would be a big hunter myself. Well, nope. I have this extremely fragile heart. I can't stand to hurt anything. I can barely smash a bug! (No joke.) The only time I've killed anything semi-intentionally is, on the road. I will NOT swerve! So sorry little rabbit, but if you're in the road and you choose not to move, you're buzzard food. And, I do kill an occasional bug, if it looks dangerous.
So...You see this little bird? This devilish bird!
Well, let me tell you about this little guy. He lives here in Michigan. In fact, he lives in a tree, right along the pathway from our apartment to the park. KenLea and I make this walk everyday, because we both need the fresh air. Well, as we were walking, I all of a sudden heard this squawk coming up behind me. I turned around and this bird was flying straight at us.
This picture, from Fantasia, is seriously what I thought of as best to describe this bird, as it was flying at me. It kept hovering around us, then try to swoop down for the kill. I immediately sat KenLea down on the grass, and stood above her. First I grabbed my diaper bag, thinking I'd swing at it with that. Then I realized the big rocks along the side of the trail, so I grabbed one of those babies, which were approximately the size of a cantaloup. It took a dive at me, and so I chucked the rock at it, and it barely dodged it. I grabbed a second rock, and honestly my second attempt was rather pathetic. (You try throwing an awkwardly sized rock up at a quick little bird.) Well, this goes on for literally five minutes; me holding a big rock, either throwing it at the bird or pretending to, so I'd scare it from getting any closer. Mind you, this bird was not just going to let us walk away. You turn away for one second, and it comes straight at the back of your head.
If you could imagine what I looked like, standing there trying to fight/kill this bird, I looked like...
 Okay, more like...

probably like a complete idiot. I'm literally saying stuff like, "bring it on," "you come at me, and I'll kill ya!" "You even think about touching her, and you're dead meat!" So, after a few minutes, a guy walked out on his balcony, and said, "Yeah, I think it's building a nest. It's really protective." Which I respond, "yeah, well I'm really protective as well. And if she tries anything, I may just kill her." I think he was a bit shocked with my reply. So he said, "Yeah, I don't think she'll actually attack you." Which I'm thinking, "umm, yeah that's why she's been coming straight for me for five minutes now, huh!?" Well, right after he said that, the lady from the next floor up walked out onto her balcony and said "Yeah, that stupid bird hit me right in the back of the head yesterday, as I was running!" No attacking my butt! Well finally another bird flew into it's tree and distracted it long enough for me and KenLea to get away.
Moral of the story; motherly instincts over ride any fear of hurting an "innocent" animal. Honestly, I've always had a bit of a "motherly" personality. I like to make sure everyone is okay, and all that. And once I got pregnant, even more so. I was so protective of my baby. While walking through crowds or even a parking lot, I was super cautious of anybody running or backing up that might hit me and my baby bump. All you mothers out there know what I mean. Needless to say, I love this little cutie with all of my being. And I'd do anything for her. She comes first! I mean, how could you not love this adorable little girl. With extremely chubby legs.