Monday, June 27, 2011

Summa Time

Well this summer is goin by way tooooo Fast! But, KenLea is divin in head first into our normal summer adventures. We took her on her first fishin trip, up to Yankee the first weekend in June.It was a blast! I was a bit nervous for the trip due to pumping, but it went well, except for the drunk dude that came up to the window while I was pumping, luckily I had a blanket, jeepers people can be so... annoying. But, KenLea absolutely loves being outside, and it was so much fun!

This past weekend KenLea turned 3 months! Wowzers! It's like it's gone by so fast, but yet I feel like we've had her forever. On Friday my mom and I drove up to tropic, where my sister Megan is campin out for a couple weeks. We just stayed one night, but boy it was lovely. The weather was perfect! It was so nice and relaxing, and KenLea was such a trooper.

Her first pair of jeans, which by the way are a size 12 month! She's 3! They fit except being a little long. Ha
Gettin ready for bath time.

Her sunday gid-up.

Got her a jumparoo, she loves it. Her feet don't touch the floor so we stack books underneath.

I just thought this was a cute face. :)
New things: *Well KenLea since like a couple weeks old rolled from stomach to back, but now starting at 12 weeks she rolls over from her back to her stomach, she's been tryin for so long, but kept getting stuck on her arm, finally conquered that feight. *She talks in conversations. It's a crack up! She'll just go on and on with jibberish. So fun! *She's always been such a good sleeper, but it just keeps gettin better (knock on wood)! She'll sleep from 9 to 5, eat, than sleep from 6 to 10, it's awesome! The other night she did 10 hours straight! Woohoo! *She's stretches out her 3-6 month onesies! She's a chunker! Her cheeks jiggle in the car.
We just love her! She definately is the love of our lives!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chubby Legs

Basically, my posts from here on out will be about my little munchkin, KenLea (Ken-lee, for those in question). She runs the show. I can't believe it's comin on 10 weeks this saturday! Ahh. She's gettin so big I can hardly stand it! She's gettin to be so much fun. She loves to tell me stories and brighten my day with her big toothless smiles. Love it! And yes, she is now bald! Shaved her head a couple weeks ago. Everyone who has done it says they wished they'd done it too all there children, saying it grew back in so nice and thick. I figured, "well, she's balding anyways." I wanted to cry for the first 3 days afterwards, but I got over her beautiful full head of hair, knowing it will grow back.

When we went for her 2 month doctors appointment she had gained 5 lbs. 5! He was like, "So, she's gained 5 lbs, most babies only gain 2-3 lbs by 2 months." I must of looked worried cuz he quickly said, "No, no thats great that she's gained that much! Keep up the good work. You should sell your milk on ebay, it must be good!" haha seriously, he said that. But she's gettin to be miss chunky! I just love her cute little rolls!
She's now got the hang of rolling from her stomach to her back, so she doesn't get much tummy time cuz she just rolls on over. She's been little miss super strong since day one, and I swear she's gonna walk quick. She wants to go go go! She's deffinately gonna keep me on my toes. She loves to stand and about can crawl! Im thinkin,"slow down there girly!" Anywho she just lights up my life! And is such a cutie! Kiss, kiss, kiss.

She's startin to love bath time.

Took her on a little stroll.

Some of my favorite moments are when Braidon is holding her and doesn't know I'm looking. The smile on his face while he's looking at her just melts my heart.

Braidon got her to fall asleep like this, it was super funny.

Braidon's little sister Makayla's graduated from Cedar High. KenLea was so good for the entire, long, boring ceremony.